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Super Star Phonics For School

Our Super Star Phonics site is designed for home and homeschool families.
Our system is a self administered system that allows user to try our courses and continue a subscription as long as it fits the needs of their family. This site is not designed for schools.

Super Star Phonics is available for schools from the Help Me 2 Learn Company, which is the publisher of our courses. From their site at www.HelpMe2Learn.com/school/online schools can subscribe to their courses at the cost of $4 per user, per year, with a 25 user minimum. Their school subscription includes all of the course that we offer along with math and Spanish courses.

The Help Me 2 Learn Company also offere a free 30-day trial of Super Star Online to schools www.HelpMe2Learn.com/school/free as well as information about standards and research for their products.

It is our hope that at sometime in the future, we can use profits that are generated from our site to help offer grants to teachers. There are no grants available at this time.